Sunday, January 17, 2010

Catching up on postitng daily photos

I have been taking photos daily..just been lazy about posting them. Trying to play catch-up today and determined to take and post daily pics starting tomorrow..
Day 13
my neighbor's cat. this is a close-up shot of her sunning on the fallen trees that lay across the creek
Day 12
one of my first attempts at reflection

Day 11
just another shot of the cat on the trees. She's almost always there so I could get a shot or 2 of her daily if I wanted to :)

Day 10
To me this represents a small spott of beauty in a vast darkness....

Day 9
He crawled in the slipper while being a typically curious kitten while I was doing laundry and it was just so darned cute I had to snap a few photos

Day 8
my dad's cat Tippy,siting on her favorite spot...the sailboat bow

Day 7
Thought it was neat when I saw Prissy sittin posed just right near the "I Love My Cat" pillow so I had to get my camera

Day 6
I thought this a nice grouping of frost - covered leaves

Day 5
My sister's dog Murphy

Day 4
My mom was slicing tangerines to make fruit salad and this just looked like a good shot to me

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